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Brandon wins Rewrapped: “Ritzy Business” on The Food Network!

Rewrapped: “Ritzy Business” aired on November 29th

Ritzy Business

As always, the first round challenged the contestants to recreate an iconic snack – in this case Ritz Bits with Cheese. Each chef came up with their own recipe to make the best recreation of the snack. Brandon finished round one in second place, and one competitor was eliminated.

The second and final round is called the “Innovate Round” and asks the contestants to use the main ingredient – Ritz Bits with Cheese – to create a dish of their own.  Judging was based on taste, appearance and creativity.

Brandon’s Ritz Bits Carbonara made use of the crackers as his pasta flour, and the cheese in his sauce – impressing the judges with a beautiful dish and winning the day!

Look for this show on the Food Network to see Brandon at work!


COMPETITORS: Justin Laug, Brandon Walker, Erik Berlin

Judges: Marc Summers, Marianne Arimenta, Ariane Duarte

Host: Joey Fatone